Board & Services

We offer two options of accommodations for your horse:

  • Barn- enclosed 12x12 stall with attached run.
  • Breezeway- covered 12x12 stall with run.

We feed hay twice daily, a grass alfalfa mix. We water at least twice daily-- clean, and fresh water is always available. We clean all stalls daily. There are currently five turnout areas with more being developed.

We offer daily graining and/or supplement services. We offer blanketing and turnout services. We can customize a nutrition and exercise schedule specific to your horse's needs.

Other services we can provide include:

  • Layovers for those traveling through our area.
  • Medical rehabilitation for those who don't have the time, facility or, "comfort zone" to bring a horse back from injury or illness.
  • Blanket washing for our clients.