Summer Grass Pasture

Located on the beautiful Camas Prairie between Nezperce and Craigmont Idaho there is 21 acres of lush grass pasture with a creek running through it. We envision this a place where your older or retired horse can spend the summers taking advantage of the green grass and milder weather.

We would haul your horse up in late May or early June. They would be slowly introduced to the lush pastures until they could handle the fresh green grass on a continual basis. Someone would be there throughout the summer to care for and watch over your horse. In the fall, around late September or early October, we would haul your horse back to Boise to spend the winter here.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, contact us to get your name on the list. There is a limited number of slots we are opening up to folks who don't normally board with us all year.